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Medication Management

adult patients, 30 min: $190 child/adolescent patients, 30 mins: $240

  • 1 h

Service Description

During follow up visits for medication management, we will review how the treatment plan is working for you and make any needed adjustments. This is the ideal time to discuss your progress, side effects, and any new needs. These appointments are about a lot more than just managing your medications. They area chance to share your problems, as well as your successes. We will also work together to find non-pharmacological approaches to helping you thrive. As in the initial consultation, I may make specific recommendations or referrals to best help you. For these sessions, it’s important that you come prepared and share with me your values and goals so we can make this limited time as productive as possible. These sessions are flexible, and if you would like more time with me, just ask before scheduling!

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